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What is a Mercantile Agent

Southwest Collections are Mercantile Agents, we work on behalf of many companies performing many tasks.  I have to say it's not a very exciting subject to try to explain but I will do my best.

Most likely the one subject you are interested in is Process Serving.  We specialise in serving Family Court documents for many different types of people.

  1. If you are arranging your own divorce we can serve the documents for you.  To the right, you will see a Quick Links menu.  I suggest you go straight to Watch this Video First, as it explains the process serving procedures very well.

  2. If you are a Solicitor's firm or another Mercantile Agency then you will know the drill and most likely are looking for a quote.  You should head straight to the Online Quote Form and fill it in.

  3. If you are from a Mercantile Agency and want to get a quote for Repossession, Field Call or Lockout please give us a call 08 9721 8277mercantile agent meaning

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