The caddysHow we started out.

Well, in about 1983 a guy called Richard was working as a bailiff here in Bunbury. Now Richard was an enterprising young man.  He noticed that there was a pretty big gap in the market and decided he would go out on his own and started Southwest Collections.

He worked hard and built up a really good reputation around the South West.  Richard was a really nice bloke, (still is). Anyway, a little while later Richard and his Mrs had another dream.  You see Richards' Mrs loved coffee, so guess what?  They opened a Dome cafe and then another.

How we became us.

In the mean time they passed the batton to us, Lindsey and Nichola Caddy. In 2004 we took over the running of Southwest Collections and have been gaily working together ever since, spreading the love around the South West of WA.  It was a huge learning curve to begin with but guess what?  We're both full bottles now and Lindsey became 'The Repo Man'.

You'll never guess what happen this year?  Our son, Jaspar, joined Southwest Collections and he is now 'The Mans' personal assistant.  Will he become the next Repo Man?  Who knows, right now he is doing a fantastic job keeping 'The Repo Man' under control.  We are truly a family business.

The Repo Man

Lindsey aka The Repo Man

Been the Repo Man for 12 years, spends most of his life in his car driving from place to place talking to people who are in financial difficulty.  He is very patient with his customers, but if they don't take his excellent advice he loses that patience.  If you listen to his advice you won't go wrong.  

He loves traveling overseas, mostly Asia to eat street food, riding his motorbike and a good red with cheese. His preferred sipping fluid is Rum that he has spiced himself.

He and his Mrs love the Moto GP and they dream of one day following the world circuit.

The PA

Jaspar aka The PA

The PA started working as a temp for a month then decided to stay, the PA's job is to make the Repo Man look good and keep him organised.  More than likely if you have called the office you would have spoken to him, he's not one for a lot of words and prefers to be left alone to get on with his job.  Although he is excellent at multi-tasking, he can manage to take the piss out of the Repo Man at the same time complete all his work.

He loves hanging with his mates and you won't see him around town on the weekends, he takes off to Perth midday Friday to his villa in Mount Lawley where he hangs out with his mates and judges magic the game.

His preferred sipping fluid is the Repo Man's Spiced Rum or anything in the Repo Mans fridge. 

The sidekick

Ron aka The Trusty Sidekick

Ron Recently retired from the police force after 41 years of excellent service, his Mrs knowing him well, knew he was not one for sitting around the house, so she went out and got him this job.

Ron the Trusty Sidekick is our agent for change, over the years the poor old Repo Man has put up with a bunch of women in his office, but the times are changing for him now and Ron completes the team of blokes at SWC...  No ducks on the pond now!

Ron loves traveling, mostly to Asia, camping with his family, a good red and his preferred sipping fluid is Bourbon.  Ron and his Mrs can be seen hanging around the horse track on race day, they aren't fussy any track in Australia will do.

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